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It’s hard to choose a gift for your loved ones or friends on their special occasion. Thanks to Custom Candle Co., such a daunting task is now easier than ever. We offer some of the classiest and most unique items that anyone would love. From special candles to distinctive chocolates, we have them all in store for you on your gift-picking day.


Who would not crave chocolates on their special day? If you’re planning on surprising someone with a lovely present and want to get a fulfilling response, make sure it’s something sweet. Our special chocolates, made of a succulent quartet of flavors—butter, cranberry, blackstrap, and java—make the best gift for couples and lovers.


Diffusers can transform stressful living spaces into relaxing ones. It’s no wonder more and more homeowners are becoming enthralled to add these items to their carts. If you have a loved one who is always busy and tired, the most caring thing you can do is to give him/her an essential oil diffuser. They are also a perfect gift for your friends who are having trouble sleeping or allergic to other scent diffusing products like incense.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Just like diffusers, Himalayan Salt Lamps benefit your health in many ways. When fully lit, it can cleanse and deodorize the air, which eventually prevents many forms of allergies and asthma symptoms. Giving something so helpful like this product to your loved one is truly touching. Besides, you will only see Himalayan Salt Lamps in specialty stores like us so it can be very special for anyone who will receive them.


We pride not only in our huge selection of beautifully crafted candles in recycled containers, but also in our soap products. Custom-made to transform your every bath, our soaps come in different colors and natural ingredients. From soaps made from organic oath meal and raw goat milk to soaps made from charcoal, we have them all in our humble store.


Specialty Rose

One other gift item we offer is specialty rose. Made from real rose preserved to last for years using non-toxic substances, our specialty rose can add color and beauty to your furniture and rooms. Your loved one will truly appreciate this wonderful gift.

Whatever the occasion is or even if it’s just a typical day, gift-giving is a delightful act that is worth making a practice. We at Custom Candle Co. are pleased to provide you with unique products that can satiate your desire to give people special to you the most exceptional gifts. If you are interested in learning more about our products, don’t hesitate to keep in touch by visiting our Contact page.